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Why I Love Organic


Hi Peak Organic Feeds is part of a new £2m campaign to promote and highlight the benefits of eating organic food.

The initiative, by the UK organic industry, was launched in January 2011 to increase demand for organic foods and raise awareness of its benefits.

Under the headline “There are lots of reasons to love organic – discover yours”, the campaign sets out to challenge people on a personal level as to what they expect from their food.

Hi Peak Organic Feeds was among the first, almost two years ago, to call for a drive to heighten awareness of organics and its benefits.

At the time Hi Peak managing director Ian Proctor said:” The sector requires a sustained national campaign. The aim would be to achieve a better understanding about the principles, practices and benefits of organic food.”
Mr Proctor went on to say organics could only reach its potential when it was more readily accepted as a mainstream food. Many, he added, still saw it as an indulgence often grossly exaggerating its cost without fully evaluating its benefits.

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