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- Value Added Services -


At Hi Peak, we work in partnership with our customers and other industry stakeholders. Working with Hi Peak gives people access to a range of value added services.

On farm support

Hi Peak is defined by its on-farm support for farmers. Our nutritionists can visit your farm on a regular basis to provide nutritional advice, to take forage samples for analysis (see forage analysis below), to take grass and soil samples, to ensure your feed ration is delivering the targeted performance and to talk through your objectives and our product options.

Soil health and fertility

With 60% of organic milk to be delivered through forage, keeping our soils in optimum condition is vital. At Hi-Peak, we can provide access to experts in soil nutrition who can advise on the current health of your soil and steps that can be taken to improve this.

Forage Analysis

With 60% of organic diets having to come from forage (on a dry matter basis), part of our service offering to our customers is providing sampling of silage and forages for key constituents such as dry matter percentage, energy, protein and fermentation quality. Forage mineral analysis is also available.

Feeds and blends can then be tailored to achieve optimum benefit from both bought in feeds and forages, ensuring there is not a drop off in performance and ultimately a reduction in business performance.

Herd monitoring

Devenish Herd Monitor is a software package that allows an individual herd’s progress to be tracked on a monthly basis using milk recording data. It provides an in-depth analysis of all areas of herd health, production and fertility, and relevant recommendations to be made for the areas in which the overall performance of the herd could be improved.

Derogation paperwork

A member of staff is responsible for both our research and development programme, but also has a wealth of experience in organic farming paperwork. Having formerly worked for Organic Farmers and Growers, they have an intricate knowledge of the paperwork system and are able to support customers with this.