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Holstein cows


What is SmartShield?
SmartshieldRM delivers species specific mycotoxin deactivation through a 4 action process.

  • Transforms – SmartShieldRM transforms the molecular structure of mycotoxins to improve binding efficiency
  • Binds – A blend of highly adsorbent materials to bind a wide range of mycotoxins and their derivatives to render them harmless to the animal
  • Degrades – Biologically active ingredients degrade mycotoxins into smaller less toxic molecules making them easier to bind
  • Anti-mould – a unique blend of essential oils creates an anti-fungal activity to break down the mouldy mycotoxin
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Product Info

How is SmartshieldRM formulated?

SmartshieldRM is formulated based on an analysis of your raw materials to evaluate the level of mycotoxins and their additive effects before formulation.

Summary of benefits

  • Minimises the negative impact of mycotoxins in ruminant feeds
  • Minimises the impact of mycotoxins on milk production
  • Maintains dry matter intake during mycotoxin challenges
  • Helps manage reproductive problems associated with mycotoxins
  • Supports the natural defences against mycotoxins
  • Reduces the risk of Aflatoxin M1 contamination in Milk

How to use SmartShieldRM

  SmartShieldRMSmartShieldRM Farm Pack
Total mycotoxin load ≤ 1000ppbTotal mycotoxin load > 1000ppbTotal mycotoxin load ≤ 1000ppbTotal mycotoxin load > 1000ppb
Dairy & beef cowsg/h/d10205075
Calf, sheep & goatsg/h/d3-56-10