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NutriPass O

NutriPass O is a natural essential oil, that when included in the ration works by modifying the population of rumen bugs, shifting the balance towards less proteolytic and cellulolytic bacteria. These bacteria break down the forages more efficiently, releasing more of the blood molecules that drive milk production.

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Maximising Rumen Efficiency

As a result of a more efficient rumen, there is a reduction in Rumen Degradable Protein (RDP). This allows for improved milk and protein yields, or a reduction in overall protein requirements in the diet.
This reduction in protein degradation in the rumen also results in a reduction in ammonia production.

By improving rumen function, NutriPass O trials have shown:

  • Increased milk yield by up to 1.5l/cow/day
  • Increased milk protein content by up to 1g/l of milk
  • Reduced urea levels in the milk

Based on an inclusion rate of 25g per cow per day, with yield improvements and reduced protein requirements alone, there is a payback of 3:1