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Boost your energy with Innergy

A rumen protected fat and energy rich supplement to return the cow to a positive energy balance post calving.

This in turn supports the cow for a successful lactation cycle.

• Sustainability benefits
• Performance benefits
• Profitability benefits

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As a cows feed intake is reduced during the transition period, and there is an energy gap during lactation, it is important that we maximise the nutrients going into the animal. Traditionally organic feeds can only be formulated to around 12Mj/kg, but with Innergy, we can increase that to 14Mj/kg, an improvement of 15%.

This has a range of benefits for the cows and farmers:
• When the cow returns to a positive energy balance, she is capable of eating more, resulting in improved forage intake
• Eating an increased level of forage reduces the levels of concentrates required
• Peak milk production is reached earlier