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- Organic Start Up Support -

There is a demand for high quality organically produced food and many forward thinking, professional farmers are responding to this by converting to organic systems of production. Their reasons include the preferred practice of environmentally sustainable agriculture, improved business viability and long term business success.

High quality organic food production, needs the input of suitable high quality feed and Hi Peak works with many farmers whose production from their cattle, hens and pigs has increased since feeding organic rations.

We appreciate that converting to organic farming may seem daunting but Hi Peak has the experience, knowledge and expertise to help. Hi Peak’s job is to help bridge the gap between a lower input system and producing conversion rates that generate profit.

We dovetail with other advisory bodies and are often invited to speak at farmers’ meetings or be part of organic advisory committees. The advantage that we offer farmers is that we too are working in the industry and feel it is our business to know what affects our joint interests.