- Organic Product Range -

At Hi Peak Feeds we manufacture a full range of feeds for all farm livestock.

We source as much home-grown feed ingredients as possible. Not only does this support UK agriculture, but also means that we have a large degree of traceability of ingredients. Home grown raw materials include Wheat, Barley, Beans, Peas, Tritiacle, Lupins, Linseed, Rapeseed and Oats. We also source by-products i.e. Wheatfeed from UK flour mills.


Dairy Feeds
We manufacture various ranges of dairy feeds to compliment the different forages available on farms.  All our diets are formulated to improve herd health and farm profitability.

Mixer Meals & Pellets
High energy blends of the highest quality proteins.  These offer a cost effective way of out of parlour feeding, ideal for TMR mixes.

Calf Feeds
Highly palatable and digestable Starter & Rearer feeds for replacement heifers and beef cattle.

Beef Feeds
High energy Barley based diets for a quick finish, producing a carcass that your customers require.

Suckler & Dry Cow Feeds
Diets especially formulated with the often neglected suckler and dry cow in mind. A high level of minerals are included as they are often in short supply. These provide essential nutrients pre-calving, to ensure trouble free calving and a healthy start to lactation.


Ewe Feeds
A range of feeds including Nuts & Cobbs, high in energy to help prevent Twin Lamb Disease and promote milk production.

Lamb Feed
To be fed from birth through to slaughter.

A range of Grower, Finisher and Sow diets that produce a high quality carcass as naturally as possible.


A range of organic Layers diets for all types of systems and stages of lay, from Pre Peak to Late Lay.

Poultry Rearing
Chick and Pullet feeds designed to meet the growing bird’s requirements to achieve optimum egg production.

Table Birds
A selection available for chickens and turkeys. The Diets are designed to meet organic standards with slow growing breeds.