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New raw material revolutionises organic nutrition by boosting energy by 15%

Hi Peak Feeds has introduced a new, fully-certified, organic, rumen protected fat into the dairy market that can boost dietary energy levels by around 15%, thus potentially transforming the diets and rationing of organic dairy cows by helping to plug the energy gap that cows can experience during lactation.

Currently organic feed compounders can only generally formulate organic feeds up to around 12 MJ/kg depending on the range and quality of raw materials available, but the new product – called Innergy – will, for the first time, facilitate the formulation of 14 MJ/kg diets. Because of that Hi Peak’s ruminant commercial manager, Rob Daykin, believes it is the most significant raw material to be introduced into the organic dairy sector for 20 years.

“Conventional dairy farmers use rumen protected fat products like Innergy all of the time, but until now it hasn’t been available for organic farmers. It will, quite simply, revolutionary what we do. Hi Peak’s little brown nuts, with Innergy, will effectively now be turbo-boosted.”

Trials on the product at Colorado State University’s Department of Agriculture Science showed an increase in yields by seven per cent, while feedback from farmers in the UK who have assessed it themselves over the summer show positive results on milk yields and milk solids, with milk fat and proteins either increasing or holding at a time when the farmers were expected them to fall due to the drought. The additional energy will also have a positive effect on body condition score and fertility, although it is too early to assess those.

Originating from South America, Innergy is sourced via an ethical and sustainable supply chain run by Palm Done Right – an organisation backed by the Natural Habitats Group which is fully committed to the sustainable production of organic and fairly traded products. Its mantra is to “combine production of organic palm oil with social responsibility and environmental stewardship”. Both Palm Done Right and Natural Habitats support the communities in which it sources the palm by ensuring environmental preservation, by providing educational and healthcare resources, and through other social support programmes to raise the quality of life for all stakeholders.

“Users of Innergy can be confident that they are contributing to improving lives in the communities where the product is sourced, and can be confident that using the product results only in environmental benefit, not destruction,” adds Mr Daykin.

“It is a product that brings benefits for the farmer growers, to the farmer users here, and to the cows themselves. It is a win:win:win product. Few companies innovate in the organic feed sector because they believe there are bigger prizes in the conventional market. But Hi Peak, being the UK’s only specialist organic feed company, believes in innovating for organic farmers, and in introducing products, services and intelligence that will benefit their businesses.”

Innergy is available now, in either compound feed or for blends.