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Hi Peak Organic Feeds At The Dairy Event

Organic Cow Fertility Monitoring to Quantify Results

September 6, 2011

Organic dairy farmers can get a comprehensive fertility monitoring service when buying a new linseed-based dairy ration launched at this year’s dairy event.

Manufactured by Hi Peak Organic Feeds, Peak Omega Dairy comes with an independent quantifiable on farm check for fertility and lameness using rolling 12 month figures.

“Organic linseed although only grown in limited quantities, is an ideal organic ingredient that boosts Omega 3 levels, shown to improve herd health and fertility,” says Hi Peak Feeds managing director Ian Proctor.

“Organic linseed is a valuable protein source and highly palatable, and when used with the correct mix of ingredients is particularly cost-effective in high yielding herds. It is an excellent organic feed, easily outscoring many of the more prominent ingredients on which there is overreliance. It is a prime example of enlightened formulation paying dividends.

“Verifying the benefits of organic feed on farm is increasingly necessary to justify input costs. Coupling fertility monitoring to feed input is crucial management tool for increasing farm profitability,” added Mr Proctor.

The main ingredient in Peak Omega is Linseed Exp combined with other quality ingredients including molasses to give a synchronised release of energy and protein. Its high digestible fibre enhances volatile fatty acids in the rumen-available carbohydrate source to support rumen microbial growth and maintain energy requirements in peak lactation cows.

Mr Proctor went on to say that organic milk yield expectations were unnecessarily conservative in some cases because of reliance on just a handful of raw materials going into manufactured rations.

He said 800 litres was reasonably achieveable under organic systems without detriment to health provided, formulators had a wide variety of organic ingredients at their disposal. The benefit we have at Hi Peak is that our expertises and resources are focused purely on organic production, providing farmers with a wide range of d