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Hi Peak Launch NutriPass Organic at Dairy Show

New natural organic feed supplement improves feeding efficiency

Organic dairy farmers wanting to either increase milk and protein output or reduce dietary protein inclusion rates now have the option of using a new and approved rumen enhancer, courtesy of Hi Peak – the UK’s only dedicated organic feed specialist.

The new product, called NutriPass Organic, is a natural essential oil, and was fully approved by the organic certification bodies in March. Technically the product works by modifying the population of rumen bugs, effectively shifting the balance towards more proteolytic and cellulolytic bacterial. These break down the forages more efficiently, which releases more of the blood molecules that drive milk production.

Research work has determined that milk yields increase by an average of 1.5 litres per cow per day, or by 1g of protein per litre. Alternatively the product can be used to lower dietary protein inclusion rates, thus facilitating cost savings.

Hi Peak calculates that on yield and protein alone there is a 3:1 payback, based on an inclusion rate of 25 grams per cow per day.

“The organic sector is limited to the feed ingredients and supplements it can use, and it is significant that this product has been approved,” says Peter Griffin, Hi Peak’s nutritionist. “It brings organic farmers numerous benefits, from production related ones to environmental ones by allowing us to reduce the amount of bought-in proteins.

Devenish Nutrition Ltd, Hi Peak’s parent company, has pledged to increase the amount of money it invests on research and development in organic nutrition in a bid to bring more such supplements to market to improve performance, profitability and the environmental footprint of the sector.

Grant Spittal, Devenish’s commercial director in the UK, said: “We invest millions annually in nutritional research and development, and have now extended that remit into the organic sector. As well as conducting our own trials, we are working with suppliers to bring new products to the UK and Irish organic market to improve the profitability of our customers”