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Hi Peak Grass Analysis – April

Hi Peak is conducting grass analysis across Great Britain to determine the nutritive quality of grass in Organic farming systems.

Sophie Wilson, our placement student from Harper Adams University, has taken the first grass samples from across GB, throughout April, to be analysed in a lab.


The first set of analysis showed that the ME of grass is highest in Scotland with the lowest levels recorded in the Midlands.

April - ME of Grass

The second test was on crude protein in grass which showed that the midlands was very high with Scotland being the lowest.

April - Crude Protein in Grass

Sophie also tested for the Sugar levels in grass which showed that Midlands was lowest at 7.5% and Scotland was highest with 11.98%

April - Sugars in Grass

This all leads up to a high milk yield in Scotland with the lowest milk yield calculated in the North East.

April -Milk Yield From Grazing

Sophie will be continuing to conduct grass analysis on a weekly basis and we plan to post the results of this weekly analysis on our website and twitter account.