- About Hi Peak -

Hi Peak Feeds is the UK and Ireland’s largest 100% organic manufacturer of feeds, blends, minerals and speciality products.

Our 100% focus on organic ensures that we have the largest matrix of raw materials, giving us the flexibility to manufacture feeds tailored to your exact requirements, helping you achieve performance and profitability targets for your farm business.

The site at Killamarsh, Derbyshire near Sheffield sits just off the M1 giving excellent transport links throughout England and the rest of the UK.


Hi Peak Feeds was founded by the Proctor Family in 1973 and the brother and sister team of Ian Proctor and Karen Hotchin, who took over from their father managed the business as they moved into organic feeds in the 1990’s, with the mill becoming fully organic in 2011.

Hi Peak was acquired by the Devenish Group in 2013, having been supplied minerals by Devenish for many years. The acquisition has seen significant capital expenditure on the site and the manufacturing capabilities, ensuring consistently high quality feed is produced.

In March 2015, the Devenish Group acquired Vitrition Organic Feeds, and production of their range of feeds has since moved to our mill in Killamarsh. Vitrition have been providing compound feeds, balancers, concentrates and supplements for the organic sector since 1964. Whilst covering monogastric and ruminant species, the business specialises in poultry feed.

The Devenish Group have a reputation for innovation, and have brought this ethos into the organic sector, funding several R&D projects, trials and introducing new suppliers, ensuring Hi Peak continue to bring innovation to the industry.

Devenish Group

The Devenish Group, under its current management, was founded in 1997 (however Devenish was originally founded in 1952) and has a history of industry leading innovation with an extensive Research and Development programme.

The Devenish Group serves the Pig, Poultry, Ruminant, Companion animal and Equine sectors, offers all their customers nutritional solutions tailored to the individual needs of each customer and animal. Their product range includes premixes, neo-natal feeds and specialist ingredients developed through Devenish’s own Research and Development facilities as well as external centres of excellence. The Devenish team have over 25 PhDs continually working on and developing the product and service offering.

The Devenish Group consists of: